My Electric Boats: Preface

There were many reasons to write a second edition of “Electric Propulsion for Boats” but the main driver was to incorporate the suggestions of the reviewers and critics of the original book. The comments recommended the simplification of the technical aspects of the motor design. Although I still believe strongly that the AC motor has the best characteristics for boating applications, I have reduced its scope from 6 chapters to the single Chapter 9 which is long and still fairly technical in nature.

The year after I completed the original book I put together all the efficient components discussed at length in the first edition: namely an efficient hull, a Lynch/Etek motor and an inboard drive. This combination of components provided, by far, the best results of any configurations with which I experimented. Chapter 6, “Sunny II a Rhodes 19”, is devoted to the design of this configuration as well as to the tests results obtained.

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Much progress has been made in the field of batteries since the advent of the hybrid cars. I discuss the latest information about nickel metal hydride and lithium ion batteries. I compare the new batteries to the lead acid batteries while being mindful of the boating application involved. I also discuss the characteristics of some new motors that have been developed in the last few years.

The book is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Four Electric Boat Conversions
Part 2: Electric Boat Theory and Testing
Part 3: Four “Build it Yourself Projects”

I hope that this version of the book will be enjoyable to read while providing all the information needed to learn about the many aspects of electric propulsion for boats.    ~ Charlie

My Electric Boats book
2nd Edition of My Electric Boats