An Electric Kayak — New book by Charles A. Mathys
Build an Entry Level Electric Power Boat for $500

An Electric Kayak DIY Book An Electric Kayak DIY Book
Avid boater, engineer, author and inventor, Charlie Mathys shows anyone with beginner to intermediate DIY talents how to affordably convert a kayak to electric power — for fishing or FUN!

This book shows how to turn a 10-foot kayak into a small electric powerboat. Two kayaks are modified: a sit-in model and a sit-upon model. Using two trolling motors, a Minn- Kota and a Newport Vessel, the performance results are compared. The controller consists of a plug-in Lithium-Ion battery, an Arduino microprocessor and a Cytron power driver. A Harmnee off-the-shelf controller which requires no programming or soldering of wires propels the kayak in one of the videos on our YouTube channel. A mini-transom and a steering device are added to drive the kayak comfortably from its normal seating position. With a choice of kayaks, controllers, and battery power, a custom craft can be configured for great fun on the water.

A kayak paddler travels at an average of 2.8MPH. We took spins in our electric kayak at 4MPH, and were able to troll for 3 hours at 1.7MPH!

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See the components and 2 short kayak runs with different controllers on our YouTube channel.
  • Great for Kayak Fishing
  • Troll for 3 hrs. at 1.7 mph with a Single 6Ah Battery Pack
  • DIY Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Choice of Controllers
  • Choice of Power (battery options)
  • Performance Comparisons