My Electric Boats by Charlie Mathys

After years of researching, building and testing many designs, Charlie Mathys found the answers to inexpensive, electric boat propulsion.

My Electric Boats is the 2nd Edition of the popular textbook Electric Propulsion for Boats. This updated version includes a new Rhodes 19/Etek conversion, plus more performance and efficiency tests, new photos and four complete step-by-step conversion chapters.


Charlie Mathys was born in Brussels, Belgium and was brought to the US as a child but returned to Europe for his primary education.

At age 14, he returned to the US to stay. He learned to speak English while attending high school and by age 20, he had graduated from college obtaining a BS degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University. In 1963, he acquired an MBA degree from Boston College.

After a 2-year stint in the US Army, he joined IBM at the very beginning of the computer era. He stayed at IBM for nearly 10 years before working for three small start-up companies doing computer research and development work hoping to find fame and fortune.

He finally settled down at Mitre Corp, a non-profit, “think tank” corporation doing consulting work for the Electronic Systems division of the US Air Force. After retiring from Mitre, he combined his expertise in electronics and his love of boats to design an efficient electric motor for the propulsion of recreational boats. The results of his experiments are the subject of this book.

Several years later, he converted a minivan into a small camper. He published the design of this inexpensive RV in a book titled “My MiniCamper Conversion”. He also recently published a STEM project DIY book “A Thoroughly Modern Player Piano”.

His latest book, “An Electric Kayak” (Build an Entry-Level Electric Boat for $500) is now available on Amazon. This DIY Project instructs how to build an entry level electric boat for $500. Perfect for fishing, Charlie’s electric kayak will troll for up to 3 hrs. on a single 6Ah battery pack! Read more...

He currently resides in Massachusetts.

Author Charles (Charlie) A. Mathys